Monique HoltMONIQUE HOLT (Director of Artistic Sign Language-DASL- a.k.a. Sign Coach) is thrilled to be asked to be on the MOS production team, especially working on an original play which is her favorite part of theatre. Plus, she gets to explore an LSF prior to the “modern version” of LSF (Langue des Signes Français) which she learned from her days living in Paris. After she portrayed Deaf Cordelia for Shakespeare Theatre Company‘s KING LEAR, she developed a system for signing Shakespeare. And she has used it in all her Shakespeare productions. For 4 straight years, she worked for Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF-Ashland) as a script translator (from text to sign notation) and Actors’ sign coach. Also as a DASL, she worked withOSF theatrical interpreters – preparing them to interpret the shows. In NYC, she has worked as a DASL forTDF/TAP shows on Broadway. Also working as a DASL for touring shows in NJ, PA & MA. She’s a Jane of all trades: actress, stage/film director, sign-coaching actors, teaching acting and script translating & notating. She has a BFA in Acting from TSOA/NYU and MFA in Theatre from Towson University.