“I cannot begin to tell you what an emotional experience it was for me. 
I’d love to see it travel throughout the country.  Do keep me posted on its life and its journey.”

~ Judy Jonas, MA advocate, educator, interpreter, sister and aunt of deaf people Chair, Sister Brother Deaf Inc.

“Congratulations on a stunning achievement with
Movements Of The Soul!
Beautiful work!”

~Bob Jaffe, Co-artistic director of Berkshire Playwright’s Lab

“This play could win a Pulitzer Prize as well as a Tony. One of the few plays I’ve been involved with that would be accepted by critics and the general audience as well.“

~Dan Lauria, Lombardi in Broadway’s Lombardi, Dad on The Wonder Years- Investor in TMOS

“I truly enjoyed your play and found the premise fascinating.  A complicated effort, well done.”

~David Platt, Co-Exec producer Law & Order SVU 2008-2010- Investor in TMOS

“I found
Movements of the Soul to be a truly powerful and beautiful play. By reexamining our conventional concepts of language, it questions how we assume our connections to one another and our higher selves. I think it’s possibly even more resonant today than when its historical events first occurred. I believe the play will challenge and inspire people.”

~Ariane Brandt, Broadway acting coach / writer / director / performer

 “You deserve so many accolades.  You have done  such amazing work on our play!     

I am proud to be associated with it.”

~Jeff Ash, Broadway Producer & Co-producer of MOS